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Darin Oriental is an exclusive line of natural and ecological cosmetic products, whose soul contains Acebuche oil, olea europea sylvestris, the purest liquid gold of the Mediterranean land.

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Herbosur | Darin Oriental

Who we are

Herbosur was born in 1989 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in southern Andalusia, Spain.

For 30 years we have been dealing with the production of high quality, completely natural and organic cosmetics and perfumery.

Our cosmetic experts have been titled as “Maestros artesanos jaborenos y perfumistas” master soap makers and perfumers, by the Comunidad Autónoma de Andalicìa, the highest regional authority.

Herbosur has completed several European projects “CEDER”, “YOUSHTAR” and the European Social Fund, receiving many public awards, also working closely with national public bodies.

Our vision

All our cosmetic products are prepared with care, following very strict production criteria, using only precious raw materials of natural or organic origin, with the corresponding Quality Certificates, to guarantee excellent result.

Our philosophy

Darin Oriental

Darin Oriental is an exclusive line of natural and ecological cosmetic products, whose soul contains Acebuche oil, olea europea sylvestris, the purest liquid gold of the Mediterranean land. With our innovative formula we aim to offer a unique and ancestral product for skin care.

As the Persian philosoper, pharmacist and historian Al-Biruni tells us in the “Book of Pharmacy”, Darin was a port where in ancient times essences and perfumes were unloaded and where perfumers left from one city to another to sell them.

These were notable experts in this art, hence the Arabs called the Dari apothecaries. The history of Darin, located on the island of Tarut in Saudi Arabia, dates back to 5,000 years before Christ, it is considered one of the oldest places of humanity. Both Greece, Rome and Egypt considered Arabia the cradle of perfume, to the point of alling it “happy Arabia”. When the Arabs arrived in Spain in 711, they brought with them this great tradition and knowledge of natural cosmetics and above all of the use of Achebuche oil.

Acebuche virgin oil

It is an oil that comes from acebuchina, the fruit of the Acebuche. Currently its production is very limited, with an annual harvest of about 400 liters; consequently, due to its scarcity, the average price of a liter of this exclusive product can reach EUR 150.

Unlike the olive tree, the Acebuche, known as the wild olive tree is not cultivated, it arises spontaneously.

Due to the very small size of the fruit, harvesting, which takes place by hand, is difficult; thus the pressing and production do not take place in large industrial plants but exclusively at an artisanal level. All these reasons make this Acebuche oil a unique, rare and high quality product.

These wild olive trees were used 2000 years ago mainly for cosmetic purposes by the Phoenicians in the Iberian Penisula, but also by the most famous Roman emerors who imported personal stocks of this oil from Spain, up to the largest Caliphs of the Muslim territories of Al-Andalus.

The quantities of vitamins that acebuchina possesses can triple those of a common extra virgin olive oi.

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Day Cream | Darin Oriental

Day cream

With nicotinamide
and essentials ceramides

The acebuche oil day cream has been enriched with Nicotinamide, one of the most powerful and effective active ingredients currently present in cosmetics, and essential ceramides that protect the skin from external aggressions, these components make it a unique and very complete product for show radiant skin.

Among its main properties, stand out the important anti-wrinkle effect, its depigmenting action, which greatly reduces the spots caused by the sun and improves skin tone.
It is a highly moisturizing cream, prevents the loss of moisture and is able to calm, recude inflammation and regenerete the skin, especially in cases of dermatitis and atopic skin.

Eye countour

With caffeine and vitamine k

The eye contour with Acebuche oil is enriched with caffeine and vitamin K, which provide a high decongestant and antioxidant power to prevent premature skin aging.
This product will give a more hydrated, bright, and smooth eye countour, providing a healthier apparence.

This product will result in a more hydrated, bright and even eye contour, providing a healthier appearance

Eye Contour | Darin Oriental
Serum | Darin Oriental


With hyaluronic acid

The serum based on Acebuche oil and hyaluronic acid is delicate and suitable for all skin types.
From the age of 25, the natural concentnration of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases and this causes a lack of firmness and volume, so it is necessary to reintegrate this substance into the face routine to avoid the appearance of expression lines that will become permanent wrinkles over time.

This unique and enhanced combination results in a more hydrated and rich skin, fills expression lines, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, promotes elasticity, and firmness of the skin

Pure oil

Extra moisturuzing

The use of pure acebuche oil brings together all the magnificent properties that this olive tree naturally produces to survive and adapt to the environment without human intervention.

Its high content of squalene, antioxidants and vitamin E makes it a unique product, able to regenerate the skin, keeps it hydrated and radiant, helping to prevent and reduce wrinkles.

The ideal is to apply a few drops on the skin after applying the cream or mixing them together, for deeper hydration.

Pure Oil | Darin Oriental
Night Cream | Darin Oriental

Night cream

With retinol

The night cream with Acebuche oil has been enriched with Retinol, a perfect product to rejuvenate the skin to delay skin aging.
a perfect product to rejuvenate the skin and delay aging. It is used as an exfoliating, depigmenting, and antioxidant agent.

This particular combination of wild oil and retinol acts as a skin transformer, carrying out a regenerating effect; allowing the skin to produce collagen and elastin in a natural way, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and improving the firmness of the face.

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